Thursday, July 17, 2014

Picture Problems

So I was going through my picture albums today, doing a little cleanup. I came back here to check on things and write a new post. That's when I noticed the missing pictures.

Where had they gone? Why were only some of them missing? Was there some sort of blogger glitch? Was this the work of a nefarious product picture thief?

After a little light detective work on my part I came to the root of the problem. If you delete a photo in your g+ account it gets deleted from blogger as well- even if it was a separate upload!

So all of those nifty pictures I had up? Gone.

Unfortunately I did this after deleting files on my computer so I don't have any extra copies or any way to get them back. There's nothing left to do but call it a learning experience and move on.

Tomorrow's a new day.

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